"Obedience classes are for wimps. If you find yourself being tricked into attending, do whatever you can to embarass your owner. Stoop as low as necessary to ensure that your human never wants to go through that again!

Simon Whaley

Right Start Dog Training Classes

The aim of the classes is to train the handler and not the dog. It is the skills and techniques that the handlers take away from the classes and put into action outside the class environment which is the most effective training time. It's also important that the whole family should be taught the commands and exercises learnt in the classes and therefore other family members are encouraged to come and watch if possible.

The classes are fun for both dogs and handlers alike. Emphasis is placed on building a special bond and relationship with your dog which all helps with general obedience and recall (getting our dogs back to us!). If our dogs see us as the source of everything good in their life, they are more likely to want to be with us above everything else.

Right Start Dog Training offers a wide variety of courses from preparing to buy your puppy to training your puppy in basic obedience and beyond!

The main courses offered are:

  • Puppy Preparation 'AT HOME' Sessions - everything you need to know BEFORE you go ahead and purchase your puppy, including advice on all aspects of socialisation - a very important few weeks in your pups life.

  • Puppy Lifeskills Courses - The developmental period is one of the most important stages of your puppy’s life. Once the puppy becomes an adult it will have to deal with a wide variety of experiences. The Puppy Lifeskills Course does exactly this - it teaches the pup how to deal with and learn from these experiences, helping it to take life in its stride and become 'bombproof'. It is based on the newly published book - "Life Skills for Puppies" by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills. Therefore, this course plays an important part of your pup's development and learning - don't overlook it.

  • Puppy Training 'AT HOME' Sessions - this session not only helps you and the family to deal with any of the common puppy behavioural issues that you may be encountering with your new puppy, it also gives a good grounding for the Basic Obedience Training Courses.

  • Basic Obedience Training Classes - incorporating the Right Start Juniors Achievement Award for puppies up to 12 months!

Please note that all dogs in all classes (with the exception of Puppy Lifeskills when only the first vaccination is required) must be fully vaccinated to be accepted onto the courses.

Litter Siblings

We recommend that handlers who own litter siblings bring the dogs to concurrent courses and not work them in the same class. Advice on dealing with litter siblings can be given as this needs to be handled in a different way to either owning just one dog or more than one dog of different ages. For further information on this please contact us.