"A dog desires affection more than its dinner. Well - almost"

Charlotte Gray

Improvers Course

This is a six week course for handlers and dogs who have successfully completed the Basic Obedience Training Course and wish to continue with their training.

The course builds on the exercises taught during the basic course and introduces further exercises which focus on responsible dog ownership.

The course consists of five weeks of training and a test is taken in the sixth week. Successful dogs and handlers will receive a certificate and rosette!

The course will cover:

  • Understanding the legal requirement for identification and cleanliness
  • Correct, calm and safe fitting and removal of collar and lead
  • Understanding and demonstration on how a dog learns
  • Walking beside handler - both on and off lead as appropriate
  • Control at a doorway
  • Recall to handler with sit in front
  • Control around dogs and handlers
  • Greeting dogs and handlers under control
  • Grooming, handling and inspection under control
  • Come away from distractions
  • Food manners - no snatching!
  • Controlled play
  • Instant Down command
  • One minute stay in any position - sit, down or stand

This 6 week Course costs: £65.00 (which includes the final week test fee and certificate and rosette on successful completion!)