"A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it."

Helen Thomson

Puppy Training 'One to One' Sessions

Many people find that once they get their pup home they encounter some behavioural issues i.e. chewing, play biting, problems with house training, jumping up, separation anxiety etc. These are very common puppy issues and can be dealt with in a kind, fair and effective way without using aversive training of any sort.

Addressing these issues early and quickly will help to get the pup and owners back on track!

The puppy session is a single, one hour advisory session which takes place on a one to one basis in your home and is aimed redomenately at puppies (from about eight weeks of age). It not only helps you and the family to deal with any individual issues that you may be encountering with your new puppy, it also gives a grounding for the Basic Obedience Training Courses which are offered in a class environment. It offers advice on any or all of the following, depending on the issues encountered:

  • Establishing 'House Rules' - this is NOT the old fashion pack hierarchy theory, which is out of date and unfair (this is explained during the session). It is simply teaching the puppy some house rules in a way that it clearly understands. These rules will differ from family to family and this does not matter as it is down to each family to decide their own rules. For example, some may be happy for the dog to be allowed on the sofa whereas others will not. What does matter is that your pup and of course the rest of the family understands, learns and implements the house rules consistently and fairly, the key word being consistency. That way the pup will not get confused.
  • How a puppy learns - the session will also cover how a pup learns new things and how to introduce basic obedience techniques. This forms a good grounding for a Basic Obedience Training Course. Master this, and there isn't anything you can't teach your dog right through its life!
  • Chewing - a natural behaviour especially as the pup starts to teeth or become bored. Advice on how to overcome this can be explained.
  • Play Biting - a very common problem and with needle teeth, a painful one! Why do pups play bite? How do you deal with it? How do you play with a pup without the play getting out of hand? How do you stop the pup hanging off your feet or trousers! Why saying 'No' or yelping doesn't help!
  • House Training - the session can also offer advice on how to overcome house training issues.
  • Jumping Up - many puppies will jump up and family, friends and visitors are happy for them to do so. This is not quite so funny when the pup becomes adult and much larger! Establishing the correct greeting behaviour from the very beginning is crucial and so is training your family, friends and visitors!
  • Preventing boredom - when a pup becomes bored or tired they can start 'acting the fool' or concentrating on our chair or table legs. There are many wonderful toys on the market these days to help overcome this. Advice will be given for the appropriate toy for your pup.
  • Separation Anxiety - how do you start to introduce your pup to you being away from them?

This single one hour advisory session costs: Daytime sessions - £45.00 / Evening Sessions - £50.00 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill - for sessions further afield petrol costs will be taken into account)