"A dog is a smile and a wagging tail. What is in between doesn't matter much."

Clara Ortega

Puppy Advice and Preparation

This is a single, one hour session which takes place on a one to one basis at your home. It helps you to prepare for your puppy in the right way before you get them, so that your family and the pup can live in harmony from the very beginning. It enables you to give the pup the very best start in life as those early weeks are so important in forming the blue print of what the pup will be like as an adult.

The session offers advice on the following:

  • What dog is right for you and your family's lifestyle
  • Puppy v's Rescue Dog - the pros and cons of both
  • Where to go to buy a puppy (and where not to go - never buy from pets shops, many buy their pups from unreliable sources i.e. puppy farms)
  • Questions to ask the breeder
  • How to prepare for your new arrival - what do you need to buy, how do you need to puppy proof your home!
  • What puppy behaviour issues might be encountered
  • Introduction to Socialisation - a VERY important stage in your pups life which needs to be handled correctly to enable your pup to take life in its stride
  • How to introduce your pup to other dogs - don't let the pup be a bully or be bullied, it could store up problems for their adult life

This single one hour advisory session costs: Daytime sessions - £45.00 / Evening Sessions - £50.00 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill - for sessions further afield petrol costs will be taken into account)