"A dog desires affection more than its dinner. Well - almost"

Charlotte Gray

Puppy Lifeskills Course

The Puppy Lifeskills Course is designed to lay the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship between you and your puppy.

Most of a pup's brain development takes place in the first 16 weeks of life and he will be learning every waking minute of his day, both at home and out and about with you, so it’s important that everything he learns must be carried out in a controlled, reward based way to ensure that he can become ‘bomb proof’ and able to take life in his stride!

This course will cover the main skills that will enable your pup to deal with everyday life, so that the risk of developing unwanted behaviour is greatly reduced and the potential to build a solid, lasting relationship and bond with you is greatly increased.

The course is based around the newly published book, 'Life Skills for Puppies' by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills and helps to lay the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship!

This is a four week course suitable for puppies from 8 to 20 weeks of age. Class numbers are limited to 4 puppies only and it is therefore advisable to book as soon as you know you will be collecting your puppy. Puppies can attend the course once they have had one vaccination.

The course will include:

  • Introduction to the correct use of food as a training aid
  • Advice on play-biting / house training / jumping up
  • Being able to settle and amuse themselves appropriately
  • Teaching confidence and calmness in different situations
  • Teaching the House Rules - not the out of date Dominance Theory!
  • Teaching the pup how to exercise self-control and deal with frustration
  • Introducing the concept of sharing to prevent possessive problems
  • Having good manners around people and other dogs
  • Handling and grooming
  • Introduction to clicker training to teach new basic obedience skills
  • Introduction to basic obedience training to form the grounding for a Basic Obedience Training Course

This 4 week Course costs: £50.00 (includes course information booklet, all supporting literature, clicker and 'Goodie Box'!)- details on current courses